A couple who love to sing together have released a cd. What makes this cd unique is that it also marks the success of one of Denmark’s most attractive music venues.

Mette and Børge Solkær, who sing and play on the new cd entitled Onsdag 19:30 (Wednesday 7.30 P.M.), have been running Café Ellegaard since 1991. The setting is perfect: the concert room is the refurbished stable of an eighteenth century inn by a woodland stream crossed by the old drovers’ road running up the spine of jutland. The inn and its ideal musical annexe have hosted musical events every summer wednesday, attracting an audience from the entire region.

Musicians from near and far – Donald Lunny and Eleanor Shanley from Ireland, Haugaard & Hoirup from Denmark, Karen Tweed from England, Hans Theessink from Holland, Iain Mackintosh and The McCalmans from Scotland, and many more – have performed at Café Ellegaard and helped establish the inn’s impeccable musical reputation. The cd Onsdag 19:30 presents a selection of songs from Denmark and Scotland and Ireland, beautifully performed and sensitively arranged for two voices in delicate harmony, guitar, bass, accordion and slide guitar. These are the songs that Mette and Børge Solkær sing to welcome guests and musicians to their musical evenings.

Rod Sinclair​